Uniden BCD325P2 Hand Held Trunk Tracker Scanner

25,000 channel Uniden Trunk Track hand held scanner. Frequency range including UHF and VHF and 800 mhz.


Hand Held Uniden trunk tracker scanner with 25,000 channels. Listen to the air-waves on the go with this sleek portable scanner. Tune into emergency channels when tensions arise. This radio features dynamic memory and infrared technology.

The BCD325P2 radio is compatible with VHF, UHF including FM radio. Also features close call RF capture technology which will automatically tune into close transmissions.


Frequency Capability:

  • 25-512 MHz
  • 758-824 MHz
  • 849-869 MHz
  • 894-960 MHz


  • 25,000 programmable channels
  • RF capture technology
  • Advanced dynamic memory

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