Uniden BC355N Base or Mobile Scanner

Uniden BC355N base scanner. Receive local police department or fire. Program up to 300 channels and runs on 13.8V DC.

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Brand New Uniden BC355N base scanner radio that runs on DC 13.8V. This scanner can be installed at home, as a base station or fixed in the car. It has 300 channels and will receive transmissions on the 800 Mhz band.

The BC355N can scan up to 100 channels per second. Use this radio to hear local RF activity including local ham radio operators, fire, police, and business band.


Frequency Range:

  • 25-54 Mhz
  • 108-174 Mhz
  • 225-380 Mhz
  • 406-512 Mhz
  • 806-956 Mhz

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