Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 32-bit CD License

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional With Service Pack 1 32-bit - 1 PC

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32-bit fresh installation disk and license.


Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit Install disk for fresh and legal install. Intended for a new OS installation. This is the original OEM install and is not an upgrade. 

Windows 7 employs a nice desktop graphic and the reliability you need in a Microsoft environment to get down to production.


Good for OEM pre-built computers or on a custom built machine. Works on a computer with atleast 1 GHZ CPU and 1 GB RAM that has a 16 GB or bigger hard drive. Suitable for use in production or gaming environment.

System Drivers:

  • Most printers are picked up automatically by Windows 7 unlike its predecessors. Printers being, for the most part plug and play. First Windows OS to add such ease in printing.
  • Strong NIC support with most network cards including wireless being auto installed.


System Requirements:

  • 1 GB or greater RAM
  • 1 GHZ or greater CPU
  • 16 GB or greater Hard Drive


Technical Details:

  • Edition: Microsoft Windows 7
  • Service Pack: 1
  • Architecture: 32 bit

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