Channel Master CM-3020 UHF VHF outdoor Antenna

Deep Fringe UHF/VHF Channel Master CM-3020 outdoor standard-style TV antenna. Fully digital HD compatible, pull in local stations that are off in the distance in full HD clarity including 1080P.


Brand New long range outdoor television antenna by Channel Master. This antenna will receive VHF and UHF digital tv signals, including those stations off in the distance.

This directional antenna is easy to install and offers superior strength in low signal areas. The CM-3020 is optimized for digital TV and HD. Receive stations that are up to 100 miles away and even further.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Channel Master
  • Model: CM-3020
  • Dimensions: 152″ x 95″ x 22″
  • Receptions Range: 2-69


NOTE: Signal booster sold separately.


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