180 mile HG-997 HDTV Digital UHF VHF outdoor Amplified Antenna


Brand New HG-997 high performance 180 mile directional digital TV antenna with high gain booster. Includes mounting pole. Cut the cord on cable TV and bring in local stations with clarity.




Brand New directional high performance digital TV antenna with amplifier. Receive over the air news and sports for free. Good for up to 180 miles +. Antenna is light weight and pretty simple to setup.

Will work in an attic, in a garage, or on the roof. Designed to withstand the elements and includes a mounting pole. Receive free UHF/VHF/FM signals.


This antenna does include coaxial cable and it does have a 75 ohm female connector where RG-6 coaxial cable screws on. Enjoy high quality television in surround sound HD up to 1080i. 


Antenna Details:

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Included Items: mounting pole, high gain amplifier
  • Model:HG-997


Sale Contents:

  • Main antenna unit x 1
  • 30 ft coaxial cable x1
  • Dipole Box x 1
  • Reflector unit x 4
  • Wing nut x 6
  • mounting accessories x 1


Real World Review:

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