Cut the cable bill – embrace over the air digital tv

Digital TV31 Dec , 2017 | 6:53 pm | part_master

Digital television has been in place via FCC mandate since June 12, 2009 – bringing about great advantages including more efficient use of airspace. The days of fuzzy television pictures are over. Digital TV has some great advantages – including more channels, crystal clear picture, and even HD.

Thanks to D-TV the days of needing cable for the weather channel are over. Why pay for HD-TV via cable or satellite when you can get it over the air for free? This guide is designed to help you cut out the cable or satellite company.

Digital TV Advantages:

  • Crystal Clear picture
  • Surround sound
  • Sub channels
    • sports
    • weather channels
    • movie channels
    • etc
  • HD picture
    • 1080P
    • 720P

Although the era of the digital TV world presents great advantages it also comes with it’s disadvantages. For the most part, the old analog antennas and equipment will support the new broadcasting mode – digital. However, it is true that your system may need an upgrade – or new equipment to replace the old bridle stuff.

While it’s true that digital TV offers crystal clear picture quality – it tends to be an “all-or-nothing” or “on-or-off” thing. Making sure your system is optimized is the key – weather you want just one room or multiple rooms. Old-school antennas are great but be sure to use 75-ohm coaxial cable rather than 300 ohm flat wire.

If you live in the country, or in a rural area or are 40 miles away or more from the broadcasting tower – you may need a booster to pull in that weaker TV station. In addition, an out door TV antenna and a booster may make it possible to distribute television through every room in the house.


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