Leaving eBay, 18 and life…

Uncategorized08 Nov , 2017 | 8:49 pm | part_master

Joe's Steals N' Deals eBay logo

Better Parts, also known as “Joe’s Steals n Deals” on eBay, has had a tremendous run, helping over 1,000 customers since 2011. It has been fun, the process of finding products that will make people’s lives better while going green is very fulfilling and has been. The idea of tearing a machine apart so somebody can use that part and have it delivered to there home none-the-less is so good.

However, it’s in our best interest, from a business standpoint to move on from eBay and while we love serving people, it’s only fitting that we start our own website. Alas, betterparts.biz was born in November, 2017. Read more about the better parts mission, here!

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