Computer and Laptop Disposal Service

Get rid of your broken, obsolete, or outdated computer. We’re taking for free and buying computers laptops or electronics. Weather your office is updating it’s entire computer system or last year’s desktop broke – we’ll pick them up.

Although we’re not offering cash for computers and monitors older than 10 years, we’ll gladly pickup old crt monitors, keyboards, desktops, and laptops. We can offer cash money for decent electronics that are not to outdated.

Electronics we’ll pickup:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Tablets
  • Monitors (including CRT monitors)
  • Servers
  • working or not
  • Networking equipment
    • Hubs
    • switches
    • routers
    • access points
  • Various office equipment
    • phones
    • printers
    • etc

We’ll come to you – weather you have 1 computer or laptop or an entire office. The perfect place to sell your computer in Hillsdale county.

We’ll travel to:

  • Hillsdale, County, Michigan and surround areas.

Willing to pickup your scrap power equipment, lawn mowers, and small engines anywhere in Hillsdale, County and surrounding areas.


Dispose of Unwanted Lawn Mowers or Power Equipment

Power Equipment Disposal Service

Power Equipment Disposal Service & Recycling

Get rid of obsolete power equipment weather you bought a new lawn mower and don’t need the old one or your rider quit running 10 years ago and now it’s cluttering up your yard or garage space. Better Parts is willing to come to you and remove your unwanted or broken piece(s) of machinery.

Offering cash for equipment that is still in good condition, located in South Central, Michigan, we’re glad to pickup for free any equipment that may be considered scrap metal and are generally offering scrap price for the junk that’s cluttering up your yard.



We’ll pickup:

  • Riding lawn mowers
  • chainsaws
  • snow blowers
  • power washers
  • roto-tillers
  • running or not

We’ll travel to:

  • Hillsdale County, Michigan
    • anywhere in the county including Hudson
  • Jackson County, Michigan
  • Branch County, Michigan
  • Williams County, Ohio
  • Fulton County, Ohio
  • Lucas County, Ohio

Willing to pickup your scrap power equipment, lawn mowers, and small engines anywhere in Hillsdale, County and surrounding areas.



Hillsdale, County, Michigan



Leaving eBay, 18 and life…

Joe's Steals N' Deals eBay logo

Better Parts, also known as “Joe’s Steals n Deals” on eBay, has had a tremendous run, helping over 1,000 customers since 2011. It has been fun, the process of finding products that will make people’s lives better while going green is very fulfilling and has been. The idea of tearing a machine apart so somebody can use that part and have it delivered to there home none-the-less is so good.

However, it’s in our best interest, from a business standpoint to move on from eBay and while we love serving people, it’s only fitting that we start our own website. Alas, was born in November, 2017. Read more about the better parts mission, here!